ADAPT-Nepal is a non-for-profit-distributing company initiated to improve the capacity of the communities, particularly the poor, by developing tools and methods in determining climate change, its impacts and vulnerabilities as well as possible adaptation and mitigation options in order to reduce the risks associated with climate change. This is achieved by establishing institutions active in the climate change sector, promoting cooperation with relevant stakeholders to undertake climate change projects, advocating for policy and regulatory reforms and undertaking targeted research studies.

The principle behind the activities of ADAPT-Nepal is that the scientific communities should determine and document the sound scientific evidences of climate change and its impact through shared learning approaches from the modern and traditional knowledge and skills. ADAPT-Nepal is committed to the values of empowering individuals, local communities and scientific groups to help themselves in creating good knowledge base and better preparedness to cope with changed climate by maintaining good and functional relationship on sound and reliable data base. 


The main objective of ADAPT-Nepal is to empower the local communities, scientific personnel and policy makers in reducing climate risks as well as determining potential adaptation and mitigation options to address the climate change issues. The specific objectives of the company are as follows: