Agriculture and Food Security

Over the past three years, food security and economic crises have highlighted both the urgent need and the potential for developing sustainable agricultural systems. Nearly one billion people – one out of six globally – lack access to adequate food and nutrition. By 2050, the global population will surpass 9 billion people, and demand for agricultural products is expected to double. At the same time, the world’s agricultural systems will be increasingly challenged by water scarcity, climate change and volatility, raising the risk of production shortfalls. Substantial gains in agricultural productivity can be realized through investment, innovation, policy and other improvements.

In order to feed a population of 9 billion in 2050, the world will need a New Vision for Agriculture - delivering food security, environmental sustainability and economic opportunity through agriculture. This will require producing more food with fewer resources while reinvigorating rural economies. It can be achieved through collaboration, investment and innovation among all stakeholders.

Our Role / Target
The main purpose of our organization is to enhance and improve the capacity of partners and local bodies to enhance agricultural production and trade, thereby improving their incomes and livelihoods. We also aim to analyze the differences between the responsibilities, limitations and interests of male and female farmers to design strategies that provide services, training and incomes. Our research findings and recommendations helps to identify sound approaches that ensure efforts reach to promote impact crops, cropping pattern improve technical practices develop and strength agro business. Ultimately, we aim to help farmers become competitive participants in the agricultural marketplace and reap the financial benefits and improve household level food security and food security.