Effectiveness and Resilience of Irrigation

Assignment name:  Increasing the Resilience and Effectiveness of Small and Medium Scale Irrigation Systems in Nepal, Government of Nepal)
Approx. value of the contract (in current Pound sterling):
£ 237,000
Country: Nepal
Duration of assignment (months): 2years
Name of client:  Climate & Development Knowledge Network
Total no of staff-months of the assignment: 2
Address: London, United Kingdom
No of professional staff-months provided by associated consultants
Start date (month/year):  03/2015 to Till date
Completion Date:03/2017
Name of associate consultants, if any: Mott MacDonald,  Centre of Engineering Research and Development (CERD), Farmer Managed Irrigation Systems Promotion Trust
Name of senior professional staff of this firm involved and functions performed (indicate most significant profiles such as Project Director/Coordinator, Team Leader) - Dr.  Keshav Sharma working as a Sub-consultant; assess current and projected impacts of climate change on small and medium-scale irrigation systems.
Narrative description of Project:
The main objective of this task is to
·   Improve the approach and methodology for planning and delivery of efficient, effective, equitable and climate-resilient irrigation systems.
·      Generate knowledge for irrigation development, management and governance.
·    Provide a framework to identify entry-points and options to increase the resilience and effectiveness of irrigation systems and farmers.
·     Ensure that the new framework plans and standards are well understood by the relevant governing and implementing parties, to maximise their implementation.